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You are reading the work-in-progress of the SoilSpec4GG manual. This chapter is currently draft version, a peer-review publication is pending.

1.1 Clone, add reference, submit merge request…

To add a new dataset, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the edit button on the book homepage,
  2. Login to Github.com and select “Start a pull-request”,
  3. Add new references to 020-dataset_list.Rmd and save,
  4. Commit and push and make a pull request.
  5. Once received we will check it and if you have followed the instructions closely, the reference will appear in the document as soon as the code is merged with the master,
Example of a pull request on Github.com.

Figure 1.1: Example of a pull request on Github.com.

If you’re new to markdown and want to learn how to use it, please refer to this tutorial.

If you are new to R and/or pedometrics, please consider reading / studying:

If you’d like more of a roadmap to guide you through R, have a look at Oscar’s blogpost:

1.2 Video Course: Getting started with R

If you prefer video instruction with progress tracking: